We offer compassionate personal support and legal counsel in the administration of estates.  It can be challenging handling the administrative matters after losing a loved one.  We help you determine if probate is necessary in the settlement of the estate, as well as the most appropriate and cost-efficient administrative process.

Colorado Probate With a Will

In the vast majority of cases it is easier to probate an estate with a Will using an Informal Probate procedure.  We routinely assist our clients getting appointed as Personal Representative and in obtaining Letters Testamentary to act on behalf of the Estate.

Colorado Probate Without a Will

If a loved one dies without a Will (intestate), it is important to determine the correct and efficient manner of transferring ownership of the estate’s assets. Depending on the value of the estate, it may require an Informal Probate procedure, Determination of Heirship procedure or simply a Small Estate Affidavit.

Trust Administration

If your loved one had a Living Trust, we provide direction in the administration of the trust, in establishing the subtrusts and provide guidance in the continued administration of the each subtrust.